Recent Projects

Our recent endeavors highlight the blend of innovation, sustainability, and aesthetic beauty that Dharatal Greens brings to each project

Residential Properties

North Woods: A Green Urban Retreat

Discover serenity at North Woods, a prestigious project by Dharatal Greens Pvt. Ltd. offering a seamless blend of modern living and natural charm. Spanning 40 acres, this development promises a lush landscape, strategic location, and comprehensive amenities designed for an elite living experience.

Real Estate

Backwoods-8: Premium Plotting with Unmatched Serenity

Backwoods-8 is a signature plot development by Dharatal Greens Pvt. Ltd., offering expansive spaces for bespoke residences. Encompassing a total land area of 65301 square feet, the project dedicates 89.42% to plots, ensuring ample space for luxurious homes.

Residential plots

Backwoods-4: Exquisite Plots for Distinguished Living

Nestled in the heart of serenity, Backwoods-4 offers a meticulously planned layout of residential plots, designed for those who seek a blend of luxury and tranquility. The development is an enclave of comfort, with thoughtfully allocated spaces ensuring privacy and exclusivity.

Residential Properties

Backwoods-7: Your Suburban Dream Realized

Backwoods-7 stands as a testament to thoughtful suburban design, boasting a vast expanse of residential plots laid out with precision. With a significant portion devoted to open spaces and amenities, this development is designed to embody the essence of community living while ensuring personal space.

Real Estate

Backwoods-5: A Symphony of Nature and Elegance

Backwoods-5 is a sprawling residential development designed for distinction and grace. With over 104,309 square yards of land, this property dedicates 69.22% to residential plots, inviting you to build your dream home in sync with nature’s elegance.

Commercial Properties

Backwoods-6: Exclusive Plots for Bespoke Living

Backwoods-6 presents a unique opportunity to own a piece of serenity with its exclusive residential plots. Designed with precision along the Shivalik Main Road, this project is an embodiment of balance, offering both connectivity and tranquility.

Residential Properties

Backwoods-9: Sleek Urban Living on the Shivalik Main Road

Backwoods-9 is a streamlined residential development offering a selection of plots perfect for urban dwellers seeking a touch of tranquility. Situated along the Shivalik Main Road, it’s a fusion of accessibility and peaceful living.

Real Estate

Backwoods-10: Suburban Splendor Awaits

Backwoods-10 is a premium residential development by Dharatal Greens Pvt. Ltd., meticulously designed to provide spacious living with a touch of elegance. Nestled in a suburban setting, it is the ideal locale for those seeking to build their dream home in peace and comfort.

Commercial Properties

Shivalik Phase 2 - An Expanse of Greenery and Grandeur

Shivalik Phase 2 is Dharatal Greens Pvt. Ltd.’s ambitious master plan, perfectly positioned between the lushness of forest land and the pristine flow of the river. This comprehensive layout incorporates multiple Backwoods residential plots, offering a serene habitat alongside the Rajaji National Park.

Residential Properties

Backwoods-6 (Block-B): Tailored Plots for Modern Living

Block-B of Backwoods-6 is an intimate collection of residential plots, each tailored to provide a foundation for modern and stylish living. Embracing the fusion of comfort and convenience, these plots are a blank slate for your architectural aspirations.

Real Estate

Backwoods 2: Design Your Dream amidst Luxury and Leisure

The Backwoods 2 Master Plan is an artful composition of luxury and convenience, offering a curated selection of residential plots. It presents an idyllic setting for distinguished lifestyles, complemented by top-tier amenities including a clubhouse and pool.

Commercial Properties

Backwoods-1: A Community-Centric Residential Haven

Backwoods-1, a flagship development by Dharatal Greens Pvt. Ltd., offers an exquisite blend of community-centric living with ample recreational and living spaces. It is designed to foster a vibrant community atmosphere within a serene environment.

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